Replenish.... NATURALLY!

After a week of pressure cleaning house and paths, using Magnesium Butter nightly has been a life saver. No pain and great sleep

Cairns QLD

While pregnant I got restless leg syndrome, instantly Mag Butter stopped it, I even tried to skip a night thinking it couldn't possibly be that, within an hour I got up and put it on. No more issues. It's amazing stuff

Mount Gambier SA

I used Mag Butter on my sunburn, little sting for about 10 minutes then no burning sensation. It soothed great :) highly recommend.


All 'Naturally Replenish' products are proudly 100% AUSSIE MADE!

My personal line - Naturally Replenish - is all 100% Aussie made in Mount Gambier, SA. 

They always have been, and always will be!