My New Venture

Hi my name is Genelle and I am proud to bring to you Naturally Replenish. 

After many years of trying to heal naturally and beginning to think natural healing was a myth, by divine intervention I stumbled across a Facebook group called Magnesium Advocacy Group.  The Founder Morley M. Robbins is a Wellness Coach that specialises in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and I followed this wall for six months taking notes and researching and decided to take the leap of faith, and booked a consult, and cut some hair. 

I quickly come to learn that the Natural Healing approach I was using before Morley was because it was not quality, and no where near the quantity or the right combination.  So after YEARS of learning to live with feeling horrible daily I have been able to turn that around with Morley. 

My next struggle was the cost of these products as there was no one in Australia stocking most of the things recommended, so I would ship in from America and New Zealand, which as you can imagine was quiet expensive and took so much time to arrive.  So I thought, well its time to bring in these products and make them available to everyone, and so was born my website.

It is my intention to help those that consult with Morley with recommended products and to any body else that will listen, lol, yes crazy woman here.  I try my best to rein it in but some times I just can't help myself.  So, I would be delighted if you follow me on this journey as it all unfolds and hope to help others find wellness.

Good Health To You All !!


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  • thank you for info on facebook, I was tracking down the supplements, got some from the chemisty, it is good to know they all hear in Australia

    Samira Abukar

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