Let me tell you about my go-to supplement!

WOW! What an amazing journey it has been over the last few (hectic) months. Finally, my site is up and running and, now that the hustle and bustle of the first few months has settled down, I can tell you all a bit about it all through this blog. This is all very new to me so please, bear with me.

As I am sure some of you know by now, I am a Aussie mum-of-4 on the search for wellness balancing, who began working with Morley Robbins a little while ago now. I have written multiple books with him, and produce his weekly newsletters. With another book in the works.

My hunt for answers has become a passion which I am hoping to share with you all. I struggled to find suitable products here in Australia and so I have begun this site to bring much needed wholefood supplements and health alternatives to Australian and New Zealand residents (originally anyway, I now ship to multiple places!). 


I want to take a minute to tell you all about my 'go-to' product. If I make sure I take one thing, it is my Colostrum. I stock Deep Blue 100% Colostrum and this is the one I take. Why do I love it? WELL! Where do I start? Deep Blue Colostrum is make from the milk of pasture-raised cows in New Zealand and is extremely rich in Immunoglobulins and in other concentrated nutrients, which makes it a complete natural health food. It promotes Bone Health and General Immune Health, which is very important to every single one of them. Colostrum, in general, is very widely known to help strengthen immune health but one of the lesser-known benefits is improvement in energy levels and the slowing of ageing (Yes, really!!). 

It has been proven to heal Leaky Gut and other digestive issues, not to mention with food intolerances. Cows are immunised for certain digestive diseases and issues that humans can not be, then the cow develops anti bodies to those aliments and of course, pass that onto their calves in the form of colostrum.  Colostrum is captured with in 36 hours of the cow giving birth (after the calf has their share) and then freeze dried and dehydrated to a powdered form so maintain integrity and health benefits.  This really is natures gold.  It also is an Iron binder helping you body use iron that is in your body.

I could go on about its benefits all day!

I am very passionate about keeping my kids healthy and I know for a fact that colostrum doesn't have any taste when the capsules are broken open and mixed into Milk or warm cocoa ;) I do this because not only does it keep their immune systems going, but it also is extremely good for their overall growth and development.   

It is recommended that you take two or three capsules daily as a dietary food supplement. Do be warned, this product contains milk products so if you are diary intolerant or allergic to milk products, take that into account. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your business day to read by blog, I hope you found it useful on your journey to wellness.

Good Health To You All !!




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