The Root Cause Protocol

Mineral Depletion is a fact of life. Our soils are depleted, our lives are stressful, whether is be a hidden stress like an sinus infection, or a obvious stress like anxiety, it is there ticking away. We pass these depletion on to our children. If a mum is depleted then her baby will be born with the same if not often worse depletion. Then we have food that is fortified in minerals that we don't necessarily need like synthetic folate or iron as just two examples.

I see many people overwhelmed with 'The Root Cause Protocol' and to be honest in a nutshell it is necessary for everyone as a starting point and it is simply follow the steps. You won't regret it. Start that ASAP then continue on your journey to understand it in a deeper way. Morley Robbin's has put to much time, effort and research in this protocol and offer it willing for free.

I say this with sincerity after over twenty years of being sick, this was the starting point of my turn around and my reasoning behind starting this site. I could not believe something so simple held the answers for me, and so many I have seen start the last three years that I have been on this path.

So for those that are ready to research deeper Morley Robbin's has presented the below video, that is also in transcript. Please take the time to watch or read, and please ask away.


In the following "My Theory Of Everything" video (full transcription available here), Morley Robbin's explains how when Magnesium & Calcium are out of balance, and Copper & Iron are out of balance, it creates a "Ferrous Wheel" of destruction inside of the body. "It is a very important dynamic to understand how these two minerals (iron and Magnesium)relate to each other, and it turns out that over the course of the day, magnesium and iron are fighting over oxygen all day long. What is magnesium oxide? It is the brightest burning fire on the planet. The Chinese discovered that 4,000 years ago when they discovered fireworks. That is where they come from, magnesium oxide. What's the flip side? It's called iron oxide. We know it is rust, and that's what slows us down. That's what changes enzyme pathways. That's what causes the aging process that occurs inside the mitochondria to stop the production of ATP.

That is the cellular event that creates aging is the loss of energy, the loss of what's called ATP. ATP by the way doesn't work unless it's complex with magnesium. This is ATP. This is ATP holding magnesium. These three appendages that are sticking out there are the phosphate groups, and they don't materialize until ATP is holing magnesium. It's really important. In fact, it's so foundational that it affects the functioning of 3,700 proteins in the body. I think that's pretty important. We've got these fundamental minerals and how they relate. When we start life, we have what's called a normal liver. You know liver. It's located on the right side just onto your ribcage. It's an incredibly important organ. You may know that. I just want to emphasize it. What happens as the body ages, as we go through the stress of life, as our magnesium burn rate builds, it changes the whole concept and construction and functionality of the liver. What happens is it becomes a ferrous wheel." That is just the tip of the iceberg.

I hope you take the time to compete the video or read all the transcript, it is worth your time.

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