Natural Whole Food Supplements...Why we should Naturally Replenish!!!

Natural Whole Food Supplements...Why we should Naturally Replenish!!!

As our land becomes over farmed our food lacks the nutrience we need to maintain optimal health, so even those that eat well need support and what better way than supplements that are just like eating food enriched source.

Synthetic forms requires your body to make them into a usable form, and to do so you need to take large amounts for you body to use what it can before the liver removes it as a toxin. For example ascorbic acid (vitamin c) is a synthetic cheap form that some people take 4500mg of to gain benefits they think they need, Whole Food Whole C requires you only take 800mg and provides the benefit of the whole molecule not just the outside crust.  Linus Pauling won a Noble Prize for discovering Vitamin C, however that was the Whole C molecule, not what big pharmaceutical company's have changed the process to be just the out side cust of that molecule, for cheaper processing and creating financial gain making ascorbic acid. 

Following Blog from Jason Derekvis, owner of Grown By Nature:



100 years ago, the term “wholefood” did not even exist, as all food was wholefood.

So, what exactly is meant by the term wholefood, and how did I become a Wholefood Specialist? To understand what exactly is meant by wholefood, let's first look at what the opposite would be. The opposite of wholefood would be “partial food”, or “isolated food”. In 1937, Albert Szvent Gyorgii received the Nobel Prize for isolating and discovering Vitamin C 1. In his discovery, however, he noted that the more he refined the starting material (red paprika), the less active it became. The final result, ascorbic acid, was what was left over. Ascorbic acid is basically the skeleton or wrapping that covers the Vitamin C complex. It would make sense that this “skeleton” was all that remained upon the last stages of breaking down the initial red paprika plant. Albert Szvent Gyorgii , upon his discovery, patented his newfound isolation process.

Albert Szvent Gyorgii then sold his patent to the pharmaceutical companies, who then began what is now commonly referred to as the supplement industry.

However, a huge issue arose; as Albert Szvent Gyorgii noted: the final isolated substance did not perform the same task of the actual Vitamin C as when it was integrated with its whole food structure. Inside the plant cells, there are: proteins, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, enzymes, lipids, para-vitamins, etc. All of these components when bound together is what we refer to as, “Wholefood”, as is found in nature. The wholefood movement is akin to the Organic, non-GMO movement. It is our desire to have unadulterated food with all of its nutrient co-factors, where they work best together as a “wholefood” team within our bodies.

Proteins in food structures act as taxi drivers that deliver the desired nutrients to and within the cells of our bodies. The intrinsic signals can be likened to a GPS navigational system. Upon ingestion of food, our body recognizes the composition of the foods being broke down, and relays signals such as: “Hey, the liver needs Vitamin E” or, “Hey, the bones need more Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K.” Through our or stomach/gut, or “distribution warehouse”,  the body can then relay the signals to the proteins, which then begin their active transport to the appropriate destinations. Without these signals, ingested nutrients would be “lost”, without proper direction upon where to go in the body.

It is this understanding of how our nutrition and body interacts that presents the need for actual wholefood nutrition. You see, after the isolation and discovery of ascorbic acid, which is commonly mistakenly referred to as Vitamin C, then began the isolation and synthetic reproduction of other various vitamins and minerals in supplemental form.

If these isolations were effective, this conversation would be fruitless, as the desired effect that was searched for would have then been found. Conversely, the exact opposite is true. These days, more and more of these isolated “supplements” are being taken on a regular basis, and has our health improved? As Americans, we take collectively more supplements than any other country, and yet, our health does not reflect the same3. Such reports have also shown that Americans who take supplements have a higher morbidity rate than those who don't4. The simple answer: Americans are taking supplements in a “non wholefood” form; i.e.  pharmaceutical grade chemical nutrients, void of protein chaperones which offer correct delivery instructions through their intrinsic signals.

This is why I am a wholefood advocate, whom specializes in the utilization of wholefood supplements. Re-Natured(R) wholefood supplements have been proven and demonstrated in several peer-reviewed studies that they are in fact, better absorbed, retained, and most importantly utilized.

In fact, there was even a court case that settled out of court with the ruling that these said claims are in fact true5. I can boldly proclaim the truth that wholefood supplements are in fact, better than isolated pharmaceutical nutrients. These Re-Natured(R) supplements are in fact delivering what you think you are receiving when you take isolated “supplements”.

A brief explanation as to how the supplemental choices are different can be found in the composition of the supplements:6

Vitamin C- Re-Natured(R) wholefod Vitamin C is manufactured using organic wholefood concentrates of citrus fruit. The pharmaceutical synthetic preparation for ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) is processed from hydrogenated corn sugar (usually GMO) and is then processed with acetone (nail polish remover)

Vitamin B-6- Re-Natured(R) Vitamin B-6 is manufactured either through a non-dairy probiotic or through nutritional yeast. The pharmaceutical synthetic preparation is produced using cobalamins reacted with Formaldehyde.

Vitamin B-12- Re-Natured(R) Vitamin B-12  is manufactured either through a non-dairy probiotic or through nutritional yeast. The pharmaceutical synthetic preparation is synthetically produced reacting cobalamins with HCL (hydrochloric acid) and is then processed with Cyanide.

These are just a few that I find to be the most offensive, but all across the board the differences in starting materials is staggering. For more in our current list, please visit: (pages 3 through 9)

Upon reading through the supplemental differences in manufacturing, coupled with the knowledge and scientific evidence that wholefood supplements are in fact better, it is clear to understand : wholefood supplementation is not only advantageous, but a necessity!







About me: My name is Jason Derkevics, owner of Grown By Nature 

I am an advocate for Wholefood nutrition as I have reviewed enough scientific literature to understand there is a true difference in supplemental offerings. You either have the choice of pharmaceutical grade chemical supplements with adverse reactions, and little to no benefit; or, you can choose wholefood supplements that have been proven time and again that they are in fact better absorbed, retained and utilized. 


Then we take Magnesium. Synthetics have the certain benefits of Magnesium Malate will give you energy, Magnesium Glycinate will help you relax and sleep, however you will need 10mg per kilo of body weight to maintain and near double that to rise and you body burns Magnesium in times of stress, even a simple headache will burn your mag. Whole Food Magnesium is well absorbed and you will need just 1 tablet to maintain and 2 to rise.

Following Blog from Jason Derekvis, owner of Grown By Nature.

Jason Derkevics


What form of Magnesium is best to take?

This was a trick question, as there is only one form of Magnesium. Magnesium is magnesium.

Let me explain

According to the supplement market, there are over 30 different “forms” of Magnesium. There are various forms that people can buy for dietary supplementation, each giving off the impression that they are and should be referred to as a different “form” of magnesium. The truth is, there is no difference in the actual form of magnesium within the various supplements. There is only a difference in what the magnesium is bonded or attached to.

Pay attention to the 2nd word when looking at your current Magnesium supplement:  “Citrate” in Magnesium Citrate, “Glycinate” in Magnesium Glycinate; Magnesium “Chloride”, Magnesium “Carbonate”, Magnesium “Gluconate”, Magnesium “Taurate”, Magnesium “Oxide"..

The only difference between these offerings truly is the 2nd word, which is what the magnesium is attached to, or synthetically chelated to.

Upon investigation, you would be astonished to discover that out of all these offerings of different forms of magnesium, absolutely none of them offer the food form magnesium as found naturally in food. NONE.

Here's why:

There is only one form of Magnesium, and it is simply called “Magnesium”. When you break down a potato and analyze the nutrients within it, you will find Magnesium. You will never find Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, and Magnesium Carbonate and so on within that potato, broccoli or spinach. It is only called and referred to as Magnesium. There is not a 2nd word there. It’s simply magnesium.

The Magnesium within our food is integrated within a food matrix similar to the interwoven fibers within a sweater. Magnesium, which is found in food, is “protein bound” meaning that the Magnesium is bound to a set of proteins that will deliver the magnesium to and within the cell. Magnesium, in food, is found as a complex system, with living parts.

And upon further breakdown, you will find that Magnesium is associated with several amino acids, or branch chain amino acids. Magnesium, in food, is never found attached only to a single amino acid such as glycine or lysine, as is sold with magnesium chelates. Magnesium is bound to all the amino acids, as they each play an important part in the absorption, integration, and utilization within the cell.

Magnesium in food is always found with amino acids: alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, serine, tyrosine, and valine.

The only kind of supplement that provides this same form of Magnesium that is deficient in our diet is a wholefood supplement. It sounds so simple, yet it is so easily overlooked. Wholefood supplements for Magnesium give you the whole team with the mineral, proteins, fatty acids, amino acids, while isolated supplements only give you a quarterback, without any other members of his team. With chelated supplements, you only would have a quarterback and water boy. 

Because wholefood Magnesium supplements have all the components of food, the results are a form that is identical to magnesium in food, as it is food. Due to the appropriate nutrient packaging, wholefood supplements have been proven that they are in fact better absorbed, integrated, retained and utilized within the body as when compared to isolated magnesium and chelated magnesium.

With such high absorption and utilization, wholefood magnesium that is found at Grown By Nature actually provides more utilizable Magnesium for the body in a 30 mg tablet as when compared to those isolated or chelated supplements that are listed at 400mg or even higher.

When you take wholefood magnesium, you are actually replacing that which is missing in your diet. All other “forms” that are offered are lacking the components of food magnesium, and their result will be poor absorption, hardly any retention, and barely no utilization whatsoever, as they are lacking the life structure that is found within food nutrients.

"Utilization of synthetic chemicals is 1.5 - 2.5%; but then your body has to have the nutrients to get the other 98% of waste material out of the body." ~ Dr. Eric Lewellyn.

Man cannot create or manufacture his own nutrition.

Then of course there is iron. In synthetic form the issues it may cause is endless, due to its toxcicity.  For those that are truly anemic need to consider this. Our foods are iron fortified with synthetic iron and causing a lot of gut issues that people are unaware of.  We actually need very little iron to maintain our iron levels and then in the 60's the government decided to fortify every thing, but that's a whole new blog....

Please read this blog again from Jason:

Jason Derkevics, The Wholefood Specialist

 Why are we warned against taking this supplement when it’s a naturally occurring mineral found in almost every food?

Iron a vital mineral found in well, basically everything. You would be hard-pressed to find a fruit, vegetable, bean, nut or grain that does not contain Iron.

What is Iron and why do we need it?

“Iron is a mineral needed by our bodies. Iron is a part of all cells and does many things in our bodies. For example, Iron (as part of the protein hemoglobin) carries oxygen from our lungs throughout our bodies. Having too little hemoglobin is called anemia. Iron also helps our muscles store and use oxygen.

Iron is a part of many enzymes and is used in many cell functions. Enzymes help our bodies digest foods and also help with many other important reactions that occur within our bodies. When our bodies don't have enough Iron, many parts of our bodies are affected.” ( 1

Why then, if Iron is found in basically all foods, is it often recommended we avoid supplements that contain Iron?

This advice may seem odd, until you realize that what you are advised to avoid is not the same Iron that is found in food, but instead it is a synthetic chemical sourced Iron supplement.  

What is often recommended as Iron supplementation is actually:

Ferrous Sulfate: It is the rock known as Melanerite. It is used as a fertilizer, wood preservative, weed killer, pesticide

Ferric pyrophosphate: It is an Iron rock processed with pyophosphoric acid. It is used in fireproofing and in pigments

(Source:  , which is sourced out of the Merck Index, an encyclopedia of drugs, chemicals and biologicals 1996) 2

There are several other chemical synthetic forms not listed above, as the pharmaceutical industry is constantly making new analogues.

Adverse reactions by taking synthetic Iron supplements (from include:

…“stomach upset and pain, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Liquid Iron supplements may blacken teeth.

High doses of Iron are UNSAFE, especially for children. Iron poisoning can cause many serious problems including stomach and intestinal distress, liver failure, dangerously low blood pressure, and death. If you suspect an adult or child has taken more than the recommended amount of Iron, call your healthcare professional or the nearest poison control center immediately.” ( 3

It is also widely accepted that Iron has also been shown to interfere with the absorption of synthetic Vitamin E. (This is a big reason why many supplement companies intentionally leave Iron ingredients out of their Multi-formulations. Sadly, with this knowledge, many companies still have them together in their formulations)

Do those synthetic forms of Iron also occur in Nature?

The answer simply is “No”. When you analyze the compositions of fruits/ vegetables, you will more than often find both Vitamin E and Iron together. Look at a potato for example. They are working together in perfect union.

The truth of the matter is chemicals interact with chemicals like in a science experiment. Your body was not designed to become chemistry experiments. So the next time you hear a doctor, nutritionist, dietitian or anyone state that you are to “avoid Iron”, ask them what are you supposed to eat considering essentially all of our natural foods contain Iron.

In conclusion, I agree that you should avoid synthetic Iron, along with every other isolated and/or synthetic supplement as they are not natural, nor do your bodies treat them as such. With Grown By Nature Iron, you receive the same food-form Iron that is found in an organically grown potato and basically every other God-given food under the sun!

That is just 3 examples and it doesn't stop there. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with what you thought you knew about the supplements you are taking.  Please check out the Grown By Nature Range. Your body will thank you. Please also checkout my blog on Cod Liver Oil for your Vitamin A and D needs.

Thank you to Jason Derkevics for helping educate us.

Good Health to you all !!

Have a great week end.


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