Ancient Lakes Magnesium

We source our magnesium products from a unique, natural salt lake deep in the deserts of Western Australia.

Situated within a Salt Harvest Sanctuary, the beautiful Lake Deborah is the source of Ancient Lakes’ unique magnesium solution. The sanctuary ensures that Lake Deborah’s fragile ecosystem is protected and our pristine magnesium bitterns and salt are free from modern pollutants.

Our magnesium bitterns and salt are organic input certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia.

How did the minerals get there?

Unlike saltpans formed from salinity caused by damaging human land use, Lake Deborah is an entirely natural and ancient salt lake.

This salt lake is part of a very old landscape in the Central Western region of Western Australia.

Over millions of years, ancient minerals from the sea were carried inland by the wind and deposited on the landscape.

The ancient Avon River had its headwaters in this region and it flushed these minerals back to the Indian Ocean as part of the water cycle.

Approximately one million years ago, the flow of the Avon in this area was blocked, and instead of being returned to the sea, the ancient minerals were marooned in what became Lake Deborah.

Because of their unique origin, the minerals preserved in Lake Deborah are a source of ancient sea minerals, completely free from modern pollution and like no other supplement that we know of.

Our history at Lake Deborah

The Lister family have been harvesting minerals from Lake Deborah for over 70 years and across three generations
Arthur and George Lister at lake Deborah circa 1948
Our stewardship of the lake has resulted in Lake Deborah being protected by the Western Australian government within a Salt Harvest Sanctuary, recognising our long-term sustainable harvesting of its unique minerals.

How are our minerals harvested?

Unlike other operations which either pump liquid brine from deep underground, or which evaporate seawater on an industrial scale, our minerals are produced naturally at the lake by the earth’s own seasonal cycle.

In winter, rain falls and covers the lake, dissolving the minerals underneath to form fresh, mineral-rich brine.

As spring and then summer arrive, the sun and the wind evaporate the water, leaving a mineral-rich salt crust on the surface.

Below the surface, concentrated brines are created – loaded with magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine, zinc, boron and other essential trace elements. This brine is further concentrated in ponds at the lake’s edge, using only the energy of the sun.

This environmentally sensitive way of harvesting our minerals, using natural rainfall and the energy of the sun and wind, gives our products an extremely low carbon footprint and protects the delicate environment of the lake and its surrounding ecosystem.

Now you know the purity of our source, why not try Ancient Lakes Magnesium for yourself?
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