It all began with a compilation of notes, which quickly turned in to 300 pages, touching on over 70 issues that stem from mineral imbalances. I soon realised this was fast becoming more than just a set of notes. With a whole lot of editing, shuffling, adding, deleting, Musings from MAG was born.

I am an Aussie Mum madly researching, and collecting information to help me and my family. And, in the process, quickly learning the imbalance of minerals behind the symptoms, thanks to one man: Morley M. Robbins. Between the twenty-five odd HTMA’s a week he completes for people, and his regular devotion to read and research the literature, he still takes the time to offer his advice and insights to his Facebook followers, with diligence, commitment and a dash of wit. So began the formation of Musings from MAG…

This book is now over 300 pages, covers dozens of topics, including Morley’s training – both formal & informal, as it is so often asked. It also explains how an HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) can assist you in your supplement choices, as well as how to work with Morley as a Health Coach, plus much, much more!

Musings from MAG… Volume I, touches the surface just enough to help you understand the basic mineral imbalance(s) that might be occurring within your body, which are ultimately causing the symptoms that you’re experiencing. MAG, as a FaceBook community, and thus these writings, are intended to help you understand your body’s response to “Stress!,” and the underlying metabolic issues that then occur.

You will soon learn, it matters greatly what’s coming out, as well as what needs to go in to offset these natural responses to the “Stressors!” of life. It is with great pleasure and pride, I offer to you, the words of MAG’s founder, Morley M. Robbins, aka “Magnesium Man!” I hope you enjoy reading and using it as much as I did in creating it. It certainly has opened my eyes to a whole new world of health, as I’m am sure it will for you, as well.

With three volumes of Musings From Mag, plus Braggin about Maggie (Podcast transcripts) and Let's Get Sick, you will quickly learn the basics of mineral balancing.

-Genelle Young

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