Root Cause Protocol - How to purchase an HTMA Test

Purchase a HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) direct in Australia - Interclinical Labs
Profile 1 - Results only report - this is a report that shows you just the analysis of the test data. 
Private price $135.00
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HTMA is a safe and non-invasive pathology test. It measures the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals found in hair. HTMA is regarded by many doctors, naturopaths and nutritional therapists as one of the most valuable screening tools available in everyday and preventative health care.  
Benefits of HTMA: 

  • Safe, scientific, non-invasive pathology test.
  • Reliable data on more than 35 nutrient and toxic minerals, and over 25 important mineral ratios.
  • Valuable health information often not revealed in standard blood and urine tests.
  • Discovery of nutrient mineral imbalances or toxic mineral excesses that may be affecting your health.
  • Personalised patient and doctor interpretive test reports that assess your current mineral status, highlight areas of concern and recommend dietary changes and supplements for improved health and wellbeing.

 Profile 1 report contains a graphical representation of the tissue mineral analysis data. Choose this report if you or your practitioner have been trained and is experienced in analysing and interpreting HTMA data on nutrient and toxic mineral levels.  

Process Interclinical will send you HTMA kit direct with all required guidelines and process to follow.  Once completed, please return to them for instant processing.

How to take a hair tissue sample ? Taking a hair sample is quick and easy if you follow these instructions: 

  1. Cut hair with clean stainless steel scissors. Thinning scissors can be used on short hair.
  2. To make the sample less conspicuous, cut small amounts of hair from the nape of the neck and/or several other locations on the back of the scalp.
  3. Cut hair as close to the scalp as possible.
  4. If the sampled hair is less than 4cm long, keep all of it for testing. If the hair is longer than this, cut off and keep the 4cm of hair that was growing closest to the scalp (discard the excess).
  5. Place the hair sample in the envelope provided. 

Note: Please provide clean, well-rinsed, untreated and non-coloured hair. If hair is treated or coloured, wait six to eight weeks and take a sample from the freshly grown untreated hair.

How much hair? The laboratory requires half of one gram (0.5 gm) or about one tablespoon of hair. You can use the hair sample envelope to weight this amount of hair; instructions are printed on the envelope.

What kind of hair? Head (ie; scalp) hair free from hair dye, colour and hair treatment from the back of the head area is recommended for testing. The freshly grown hair cut from close to the scalp reflects the body’s most recent metabolic activity.If head hair free from hair dye, colour or treatment is not available, pubic hair can be used as an alternative. If there is no hair, clean fingernail clippings can be tested as an alternative sample.

NOTE: Alternative hair tissue samples can be used reliably to monitor toxic mineral levels, but may not always provide nutrient mineral data that is as reliable as head (ie;scalp) hair. Do not mix different types of hair tissue samples, eg; do not mix head hair with pubic hair.



MAGNESIUM ADVOCACY GROUP Founder Morley M. Robbins (aka. “Magnesium Man”) has a mainstream medical industry background. That’s intriguing when you consider that he is now devoted to promoting natural and preventive health solutions.

Morley had been a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years when, several years ago, he developed a condition called “frozen shoulder.” His family doctor quickly recommended surgery as the only hope for Morley if he wanted to be able to lift his right hand above his waist ever again.

Friends who owned a health food store intervened and encouraged Morley to try chiropractic care. His initial response: “Thanks guys, but I don’t do witchcraft.”

Several months later, the pain was wearing on him, and his friends insisted.

It only took a couple weeks of “light touch chiropractic care” (Network Spinal Analysis) before his shoulder had full range of motion once again.

The experience was so life-changing for Morley, he questioned everything he knew — or thought he knew — about healing.

He left the world of hospital administration and became a Wellness Coach.

Morley Discovers Magnesium.

In July 2011, Morley read Carolyn Dean’s wonderful book The Magnesium Miracle. He realized that this was a key piece of the whole health puzzle that virtually no practitioners seemed to be aware of — even in the natural health world.

He was captivated by this mineral, and went on to read even more.  Much more…

Twenty-one books and ~1,200 articles (and counting) on Magnesium and Magnesium deficiency, Morley has come to realize that Magnesium plays a role in all metabolic systems, and is therefore a contributing factor to nearly all major health issues.

Magnesium deficiency is the common thread for millions of Americans who are dealing with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, general fatigue, and any chronic condition borne out of inflammation.

As Morley read and made connections between hundreds of scientific studies, what he found was shocking: Magnesium deficiency, or insufficiency, was at the centre of all these common modern diseases due to its central role in activating 3,751 proteins, and thus thousands of enzyme systems (far more than the Internet figure of 300 enzyme pathways…).

It became increasingly easy to see why this family of Magnesium-related health problems would be so common in modern life. Over the past century, drinking water treatment and food processing has removed naturally-occurring Magnesium from our dietary environment. Meanwhile stressful lifestyles cause our bodies to burn through what little Magnesium we do have inside us. Furthermore, many prescription medications are known to cause Magnesium, and other mineral loss, as well.

Morley, in concert with his partner, “Dr. Liz” Erkenswick, DC, (who MAG-ically healed his shoulder…) began working with their clients on a program of natural healing, with particular emphasis on this “Magnesium deficiency issue.”

Because of Magnesium, their clients’ lives changed. Profoundly.

Their clients’ “need” for statins, anti-depressants, digestive meds, sleeping pills, and osteoporosis medications (just to name a few) were effectively offset by concerted efforts to manage their stress response, eating REAL foods rich in minerals, vitamins and fats, and undertaking protocols to restore bio-available Magnesium supplements. (3 Steps to Restore Magnesium)

Morley had read the published studies on how Magnesium repletion could help reverse high cholesterol, cure low-grade depression, stop insomnia, increase bone density, and support hundreds of other enzyme-dependent (and thus Magnesium-dependent) processes in the body…

But it was seeing the results in his clients’ lives that really galvanized his purpose. 

Today, Morley views it as his life’s work to push back the tides of nutritional insanity and Magnesium deficiency in the day-to-day lives of inhabitants of Planet Earth!

Through MAG, he is committed to educating as many people as possible about the MAGnificence of Magnesium and ending the epidemic of Magnesium deficiency plaguing the health and well-being of American society. Please join him in his Facebook community to gain greater insights into the importance of minerals, in general, and Magnesium, in particular:

A votre sante!