Dr Carolyn Deans ReMag Lotion Daily ReHydrator - the Magnesium Miracle

Dr Carolyn Deans ReMag Lotion Daily ReHydrator - the Magnesium Miracle

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Dr Carolyn Dean’s ReMag™ Lotion (240 ml) – The benefits of ReMag pico-ionic liquid magnesium in a highly absorbable, non-greasy lotion.

    Minerals are water’s guidance system in the body. They attract water into the cells and help it stay there to do its work before it’s eliminated from the body, carrying away cellular toxins.


    And of all the minerals, magnesium is the master mineral. As an electrolyte, it tells water where to go in the body. One example of this is how lack of magnesium can lead to swelling and edema, which is an over-concentration of water in some areas of the body.


    Magnesium supplementation is an excellent way to support hydration in the skin. According to this study out of Kiel, Germany, bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution improved skin barrier function and enhanced skin hydration in atopic dry skin. The study concluded that “Magnesium salts are known to bind water, influence epidermal proliferation and differentiation, and enhance permeability barrier repair”, all key to healthy, beautiful-looking skin!


    The benefits of ReMag pico-ionic liquid magnesium in a lotion.


        • Daily ReHydrator and cosmetic.

        • Perfect solution for those who would rather not take ReMag orally.

        • 240 ml per bottle

        • 200 mgs ReMag Magnesium Solution per teaspoon of lotion

    #1 – Magnesium Saturation

    Although absorption rates vary, magnesium lotion tends to have one of the highest rates of absorption of any form of this mineral. In a study on the cosmetic application of a 31% magnesium chloride solution, it was found that after 12 weeks’ treatment 89% of subjects raised their cellular magnesium levels – with an average increase of 59.7%! Just think how much more improvement will be realized with a 100% pure elemental pico meter magnesium like ReMag blended in a wonderfully luxurious lotion! 

    Another bonus outcome of this same study is that the patients showed an improvement in their calcium/magnesium ratio, and 78% demonstrated significant evidence of detoxification of heavy metals!

    #2 – Get right to the source

    ReMag lotion is an effective way to maintain your flexibility, range of motion, and endurance after a work-out or fitness activity. Regularly apply this lotion after your fitness activities and let us know how well you do.

    #3 – It’s easy 

    Applying this lotion – which you can do in place of your regular moisturiser – requires almost minimal effort, giving you maximum bang for your buck. This bottle has a shelf life of two years and goes a long way toward supplementing your dietary magnesium intake.

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