Dr Carolyn Deans ReMag - the Magnesium Miracle

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The spark of life

  • Dr. Dean's Pico Meter Magnesium 
  • Activates 700-800 body enzyme systems
  • 100% absorbed at the cellular level
  • No laxative effect

ReMag™ is truly The Magnesium Miracle™ as it is an essential cofactor required by 700-800 enzyme systems that promote thousands of biochemical reactors in the body. It regulates temperature, produces and transports energy, transmits nerve signals, and relaxes muscles. Magnesium is vital for glucose, fat, and protein metabolism, and affects every cell in the body in a positive life-supporting way. Magnesium also ensures that we have healthy bones by regulating calcium absorption and metabolizing the active form of Vitamin D from its storage form.

Created by Dr. Carolyn Dean (author of The Magnesium Miracle), ReMag™ minerals are meticulously created from a pure source of magnesium chloride and developed to deliver stabilized magnesium ions that are similar in size to plant magnesium. ReMag is a picometer-ionic form of magnesium, smaller in diameter than the body's cell mineral ion channels. Its direct and complete absorption into cells means ReMag™ bypasses a leaky gut and does not even reach the large intestine to cause diarrhea. Therefore, ReMag does not have a laxative effect.

Download the e-book “Invisible Minerals – Part I: Magnesium.”

Dr. Dean's Pico-Meter Magnesium

The Picometer size of ReMag™ magnesium allows it to be absorbed completely at the cellular level. You can begin ReMag™ at the same time as your RnA Drops™. Whereas ReAline by producing glutathione helps detoxify your lymphatics, ReMag™ immediately enters your cells and can begin expelling heavy metals, chemicals or cellular byproducts. Therefore, you may undergo some healing and cleansing reactions, which is why we recommend you begin slowly when first starting ReMag™. You can read the section called “When Magnesium Makes Me Worse” in my free eBook “Invisible Minerals – Part I: Magnesium” for much more information.

Directions for Use

Dosage: Adult Maintenance Dose: 1/2 cap or 1/2 tsp twice daily, for a total of 1 tsp, in water or juice with or without food. This dose is only used after several months of a therapeutic dose of 2-4 tsp. Begin slowly taking 1/4 tsp daily and increasing by 1/4 tsp every 2 days to the desired dose. Best taken in a liter of water - sipped through the day along with ReMyte and sea salt as described in my ReMag book (See Free eBook under the INFO link).

Therapeutic Dose: 2-4 tsp daily.

Determine therapeutic dose with your health care practitioner and/or do periodic blood testing for your magnesium levels with a Magnesium RBC test through your doctor or from Request A Test.

Children 3-12 years, take ½ the adult dose.

Note: The bottle cap is a helpful and accessible measure but to guarantee the correct dose, use a measuring spoon.

Note: If you seem to be very magnesium-deficient or if you are toxic from the use of medications or from an unhealthy diet, begin very slowly to allow your body to adjust. Read the section "When Magnesium Makes Me Worse” in my Free E-Book (noted below) understand what you may feel as you are reacquainting your body with magnesium. Some people may want to take even less than 1/4 tsp in a liter of water to begin their treatment. You can put a few ounces of ReMag™ in a dropper bottle and start with 2-4 drops in a liter of water. This may seem a trivial amount but each drop contains 2.5 mg of magnesium and this amount is rapidly absorbed into cells and can start eliminating excess calcium, heavy metals, and toxins and thus give you a detox effect. Proceeding very slowly is a safe and effective way of eliminating these toxins and beginning to improve your magnesium status.

If you are a veteran magnesium-taker, you can begin with the maintenance dose: ½ teaspoon twice a day: ½ tsp = 150 mg elemental magnesium. To treat illness or if you are on medications that drain magnesium, you may want to increase your dosage to ½-1 teaspoon, two to three times a day to increase your magnesium saturation. It is best to put the full day's dose into a liter of water and sip through the day (along with ReMyte and sea salt).

You can follow your magnesium saturation with a blood test that can be ordered online. Go to Request A Test, type in Magnesium RBC, pay $49.00 and they will send you to a nearby lab to have your blood drawn. The optimum level of your Magnesium RBC should be 6.0-6.5mg/dL in a range of 4.2-6.8mg/dL.

Source and Purity of ReMag™

The company that manufactures ReMag™ buys 99.98 - 99.99% pure magnesium ingots. The current source is from San Bernardino Co., California, mined as dolomite. These ingots are broken down into picometer ionic liquid soluble minerals. Thus there are as little as 0.01 - 0.02% impurities in our magnesium chloride. This compares very favorably to high-quality versions of magnesium citrate that are 98% pure, or magnesium chloride from salt lakes that is 96% pure. The key is that 99.98-99.99% pure is just that, 99.98- 99.99% pure, no matter the source.

In summary: ReMag™ is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and is free of heavy metals on rigorous testing. Read the FAQ: Manufacturer’s Words on ReMag and ReMyte.

Free E-Book

Download “Invisible Minerals – Part I: Magnesium” and review the importance of magnesium in the body.

    Magnesium Testing

    You can follow your magnesium saturation with a blood test that you can order online. Go to Request A Test, type in Magnesium RBC, pay $49.00 and they will send you to a nearby lab to have your blood drawn. The optimum level of your Magnesium RBC test should be 6.0-6.5mg/dL. Do not take any magnesium or soak in magnesium for 12-24 hrs before the test.

    ReMag™ Spray Facts

    1 ml = 8 sprays 5 mls in a tsp 1.25 ml in a ¼ tsp = 11 sprays 11 sprays 4 times a day would be a good dosage to start with. ReMag can be sprayed anywhere face –arms, legs, belly, back.

    ReMag™ Spray Protocol

    Dosing ReMag™ for local injury, arthritis, muscle pain or joint pain. You can put ReMag™ full strength in a spray bottle. Spray ReMag™ lightly and don’t rub in, just let it sit and dry. After a few minutes, spray again and do that 4-5 times and let the layers build. Do this 2-3 times a day for painful injuries to help heal deep tissues.

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