Jigsaw MagPure Brain Boost Magnesium

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Jigsaw MagPure Brain Boost Magnesium

How can Jigsaw MagPure™ Brain Boost help support brain health? 

Magnesium is a critical mineral for your overall health including many of your brain's functions such as learning abilities, working memory, and short- and long-term memory.*

The special form of Magnesium used in the new Jigsaw MagPure™ Brain Boost -- Magnesium L-Threonate -- has been clinically tested and shown to permeate the blood-brain barrier, which enhances the receptors involved in supporting healthy short-term & long-term memory, and improves learning abilities.* 

Each serving of MagPure™ Brain Boost contains 144mg of elemental Magnesium that is quickly released into the bloodstream to fuel your brain.*

What's the difference between MagSRT™ and MagPure™ Brain Boost?

MagSRT™ utilizes Albion Lab's premier patented Dimagnesium Malate, and slowly releases it over an extended period of time.  MagPure™ Brain Boost utilizes Magtein® Magnesium L-threonate, and does not have the Sustained Release Technology (SRT) that MagSRT™ uses.  They are both great forms of magnesium, and we recommend using MagPure™ Brain Boost in conjunction with MagSRT™ to give your body ample supply of magnesium while fueling your brain with this targeted formula.


What can MagPure™ Brain Boost help me with?

    • May supports healthy muscle tone, overall energy, heart health & more*
    • May promote healthy, restful sleep.*
    • May promote healthy relaxed muscle tone and function.*
    • May promote athletic recovery.*
    • May support steady energy production.*
    • May support a balanced response to stress.*
    • May maintain healthy blood pressure levels within normal range.*
    • May maintain healthy blood sugar/glucose levels within normal limits.*
    • May promote regularity and healthy digestion.*
    • May support the body's ability to properly dissolve and utilize calcium in joints, muscles, and arteries.*
    • May support respiratory and cardiovascular health.*
    • May support healthy hormonal balance—especially in connection with the female cycle.*
    • May support overall bone health.*

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