Naturally Replenish Dead Sea Salt

Naturally Replenish Dead Sea Salt

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Dead Sea Salt

Such is the reputation of the Dead Sea some refer to it as 'Miracle-Working Waters'!  That's a mighty statement! But is it any wonder! In fact, these soothing waters have a reputation that dates back over 2000 years when the Roman historian 'Flavius' noted..."The Dead Sea cannot be praised too highly; travelers take this salt home because it heals the human body and is therefore used in many medicines".

Its extraordinary chemical composition has made the Dead Sea the ideal destination for those who need to relax, de-stress, rejuvenate and re-mineralise. Many people afflicted with rheumatism or skin disorders such as psoriasis seek relief in the Mineral Rich Dead Sea Salt.

Its waters are unique, having a total salt concentration that is 10 times higher than ocean water, reaching 33% versus 3%. The composition of the brines [the salt water solution] is also unique, comprising magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides, in addition to a high conentration of bromides. Like other therapeutic salts such as Epsom Salt and Magnesium Chloride, the minerals of Dead Sea Mineral Salt are absorbed transdermally; i.e through the skin. Scientific research suggests this can be the most efficient absorption method.

Isn't it good you don't need to travel to the Dead Sea to experience its therapeutic wonders because this brings genuine Dead Sea Salt to you! 

Suggested protocol:

Add 2- 4 cups to a very warm but not excessively hot bath. [Some research suggests that an excessively hot bath may inhibit mineral absorption]. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. To experience 'floating' similar to that of the Dead Sea add more.

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