Naturally Replenish Magnesium Gel 70g

Naturally Replenish Magnesium Gel 70g

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Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body that most people are lacking due to stress levels, abundance of refined grains, processed foods, and sugars, and land that is poor in minerals being used to farm our food.  It is required for over 1200 cell functions, including getting energy in to the cell.  Transdermal magnesium has been proven o be 300 times more effective than oral and readily absorbed.

99% of magnesium is stored in bones and cells, and one of the reasons transdermal is so effective, that an the fact is bypasses the liver.

Magnesium may assist in relaxation and sleeping and cramping muscles.

With high concentration of over 6% Magnesium Chloride this gel presents approximately 300mg elementary magnesium per 5 rolls. Some people may experience tingling and this is a general indication that you are wakening the cells to the sensation of magnesium due to being so deficient.  Please start low and slow.

May assist with:
      Muscle cramp and tension
      Supporting bone health
      PMS Symptoms
      Nervous tension
      Relaxation and sleeping

Please check with you health care provider is you have renal issues or low blood pressure and be sure to support the co-factors magnesium requires for the uptake into cells.