NXGEN Organic Grass-Fed Australian Beef Liver (Non-defatted) 180ct

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Protein and vitamins in a capsules are an effective way of getting daily nutrients from Australian Organic foods - concentrated real food powder in a capsule.  

We extract the nutrients from wholefoods to place rich, dense, nutrients in a convenient capsule, for easy use, for busy people on the run.  

Include in food recipes by opening capsules and pouring in powder, or take as a capsule before exercise with a drink of water. 


Beef liver is one of the most nutritious superfoods, with the most vitamins and minerals of any food on the planet. 

Our guarantee to exceed expectations

Our cold processing technology ensures the most nutrients are extracted from highest quality organic food completely 100% Australian grown and made.


Desiccated means dried and milled into a powder.  The key to a good quality desiccated beef liver is in the source of the material - what country did the liver come from? Is it 100% grass fed, undefatted raw?  How was it dried to retain ALL the nutrients found in the raw material?  Is the Liver Organic, sourced from sustainable practices with animal welfare practices checked by independent third parties?  Is the raw undefatted beef liver in an easy to take 500mg beef gelatin capsule? 

The majority of Beef Liver Capsules purchased globally have material sourced from Australia, New Zealand or Argentina.  

Freeze Dried beef liver is drying done under vacuum at -20C to remove water and reduce water activity below 0.8.  Freeze drying provides the best drying technology because it has the lowest microbial count of pathogens, resulting in best before dates of 5 years or more.  Some companies are stating on their packaging that product has been made by freeze drying when in fact it hasn't.  A simple test to tell if product is freeze dried is to pull a capsule apart to expose the liver powder.  If the liver powder is dark brown it has been heated.  If light brown it has been freeze dried.

Drying with heat is a cheaper drying process using the likes of spray drying or oven technology and the heat melts the fat tissue and part cooks the liver to remove water.  The semi cooked process affects fat content and changes the original molecular structure of the liver and fat tissue, along with the nutritional characteristics of the liver.  The heating process also results in higher microbial count and a much shorter shelf life compared to premium freeze drying.

Australian & New Zealand Beef Liver Capsules made from grass-fed raw undefatted beef livers and then freeze-dried are the most nutritious beef liver capsules, backed by science.  

Beware Argentina Beef Liver Capsules may be made using heat and be incorrectly stating product was freeze-dried.  Freezing beef liver in a freezer is not freeze-drying.  Any heating process affects heat-sensitive vitamin, minerals and cofactors and denatures the protein.  Usually, the lower quality product from Argentina made using heat-activated drying technology is cheaper than the higher quality freeze-dried product.

Australia and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world not to have ever had a BSE (mad cow) outbreak.