Lugol's 5% Iodine Complete Starters Pack

Lugol's 5% Iodine Complete Starters Pack

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This COMPLETE starter pack contains all the companion supplements needed to go on the Iodine journey. It is recommended that you begin the companion supplements one week prior to starting Iodine. 

This pack includes;

  • 50ml of  5% Iodine 
  • Grown By Nature Magnesium 60ct
  • Grown By Nature Selenium 60ct
  • Grown By Nature Whole C 90ct
  • Grown By Nature Potassium 60ct
For those just starting Iodine supplementation, here are some standard hints. It is often suggested to start your daily routine of taking the companion supplements at least a week before starting Iodine. These include Magnesium, Selenium and Vitamin C that are needed for Iodine to work properly. It is a good idea to test for Selenium levels, since taking too much when you already have normal Selenium levels risks toxicity. Selenium functions are only partly understood, but it is clear that there is a narrow range between too little and too much Selenium. If you test normal in Selenium, the Selenium dose is not as critical and many people take less in that case. Regarding unrefined salt, you only need the recommended 1/2 tsp of Salt a day as a companion supplement, throughout the day with food as seasoning to taste is OK. Salt "loading"...some call it not the same thing. It is a strategy to be used only when and IF you get detox symptoms, (including headaches, weakness, nausea, stuffy feeling, just as a few examples) usually caused by high amounts of Bromine/bromide or possibly Fluoride and other toxins that are displaced by Iodine in quantities high enough to overload your elimination pathways. The Salt "loading" helps to clear the elimination pathway overload by flushing toxins out with the expected copious urination (be sure to drink extra water with salt loading). Finally, as to when to take the companions, for the salt, Selenium, Vitamin C, take with or after meals. Magnesium, depending on what form as to what time of day you take it. Malate like Jigsaw is for energy so in the morning, glycinate is for relaxation so it is best taken at night time or whole food like Grown By Nature is suitable for any time of the day. Aussie Sea Minerals is an Ionic form and well absorbed. Transdermal Magnesium Moisturiser is also a well absorbed method. 5mg per pound of body weight or 10mg per kilo is maintenance dose, use more to rise, please don’t jump into full dose if using synthetic form or you may spend the day on the loo.

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